Vimarco FNX Bite Receiver

Vimarco FNX Bite Receiver

• 6 channels for 6 bite alarms
• 8 Second Memory after bite. Travelling LEDs indicate the direction of the bite.
• Receiver’s LEDs synchronise with the colour set up on the bite alarm
• Receiver’s LEDs indicate what is happening on the bite alarm 1:1
• 150 metre range
• Range test
• Volume control
• Vibration option
• Easy to connect Vimarco FNX to the receiver

• Anti Theft Alarm

• 1300 mA battery - equivalent of 4 x 9V batteries
• Micro USB charging (car charger included)
• Battery level check
• Low battery alarm
• Torch (manual On/Off or automatically bite activated)
• Touch Panel and Rubber Case.


Exclusive to the Vimarco FNX

  • Precise reinforced acrylic touch panel, weather-proofed to endure a wide range of outdoor condition.
  • Vimarco FNX battery level check.
  • 4 travelling RGB LEDs on the receiver with 8 second memory after bite. LEDs travel up or down depending on bite direction and synchronise their colour with Vimarco FNX bite alarm.
  • Travelling RGB LEDS on both sides of bite alarm with 8 second memory after bite - LEDs travel either up or down to indicate the direction of the bite.
  • Outputs on the new RGB Vimarco Swingers and Hangers offer the ability to colour match their LEDs to the colour of those selected on the bite alarm.