Vimarco FNX 4 Alarms + Receiver and Carry Case
  • Vimarco FNX 4 Alarms + Receiver and Carry Case

    This kit consists of 4 Alarms and one receiver and comes in a case as shown.


    Vimarco FNX Alarm:

    • 8 levels of volume
    • 8 different tones
    • Mute Option
    • 8 levels of sensitivity. With our new FNX technology, we have eliminated the reeds that are used in standard bite alarms. These are made of glass as they often break when the bite alarm is dropped and also have to be serviced. FNX technology uses a Hall sensor that increases sensitivity from 3 or 4 impulses per one full rotation of the roller wheel to 8 per rotation. We have also improved the position of roller wheel so it can be easily replaced by the operator without the need to send it back for service.
    • 4 levels of LED brightness
    • Night light
    • different LED colours option that can be changed at any time.
    • Swingers and Hangers output (output fits either standard Swingers and Hangers or new RGB Vimarco Swingers and Hangers which synchronise colour with the Vimarco FNX)
    • second memory after bite - LEDs travel either up or downwards to indicate direction of bite
    • 8 travelling RGB LEDs on both sides increases visibility from various angles 

    • Low Battery Warning.

    • Voltage level check
    • Precise reinforced acrylic and reinforced ABS touch panel


    Vimarco FNX Receiver:

    • 6 channels for 6 bite alarms
    • 8 Second Memory after bite. Travelling LEDs indicate the direction of the bite.
    • Receiver’s LEDs synchronise with the colour set up on the bite alarm
    • Receiver’s LEDs indicate what is happening on the bite alarm 1:1
    • 150 metre range
    • Range test
    • Volume control
    • Vibration option
    • Easy to connect Vimarco FNX to the receiver
    • 1300 mA battery - equivalent of 4 x 9V batteries
    • Micro USB charging (car charger included)

    • Anti Theft Alarm

    • Battery level check
    • Low battery alarm
    • Torch (manual On/Off or automatically bite activated)


    Exclusive to the Vimarco FNX

    • Precise reinforced acrylic touch panel, weather-proofed to endure a wide range of outdoor condition.
    • Vimarco FNX battery level check.
    • 4 travelling RGB LEDs on the receiver with 8 second memory after bite. LEDs travel up or down depending on bite direction and synchronise their colour with Vimarco FNX bite alarm.
    • Travelling RGB LEDS on both sides of bite alarm with 8 second memory after bite - LEDs travel either up or down to indicate the direction of the bite.
    • Outputs on the new RGB Vimarco Swingers and Hangers offer the ability to colour match their LEDs to the colour of those selected on the bite alarm.