Vimarco FNX:

• First bite alarm in the world with a touch panel.

• Vimarco FNX is one of the most technologically advanced bite alarms available.

• We are precursors of new technologies in the bite alarms market.

• Vimarco FNX 100% made in Poland.

Have a look at the first touch panel Bite Alarms. Vimarco FNX

CARPology's Joe Wooltorton takes a look at the Vimarco FNX Bite Alarms.


Vimarco FNX Bite Alarm Reviews

Honestly, some of, if not, the best alarms I have ever used.

8 volume settings.
8 time settings.
8 different coloured L.E.D's.

The touch panel is one of a kind, and the receiver is great.

Without the receiver the alarms on the highest volume setting are extremely loud, so not a problem really if you forget your receiver.
The receiver itself is the size of an average smartphone, and charges like one too. You can charge at home, in the car or even at the lake, and you get hours and hours of life. I still haven't managed to drain the life out of it yet.
And with the alarm batteries, they are the old style 9v squares, loads of life and the alarms themselves don't drain the life from them.

On the outside they look very futuristic, modern and smart.

Fully waterproof with curved tops so no need for snag ears.

And also the FNX hangers. Yet to arrive but a review will be done as soon as possible as they plug in to the alarm and light the same colour as the alarm so you can see clearly in dark surroundings.


Absolutely awsome alarms these Vimarco FNX. Heard people say many times that Delks let them down when it's raining, I've fished in torrential rain and these haven't let me down. The sound control and variation of sound is excellent. If your looking for quality alarms with excellent battery life that won't let you down choose these 😊 😊 These are the best I've ever come across!!


Short review on the vimarco fnx, found these to be very good alarms , like the touch tech design easy to use and especially the led brightness feature and choice of 8 colours on the leds , only negative for me is the Jack plug position which is on the side , I prefer it on the bottom of the alarm , overall 9/10 marks for me !!


Now I am not a real tech person, I find it tough to get my head around the multi function products and in particular touch screen mobile phones. Now you maybe asking why would a technophobe like me want to go out and buy the Vimarco bite alarms with touch screen functionality. Well two reasons, one I fancied a new set of alarms and some of the things I read about these alarms sounded like what I was after. Two as a level two angling coach I now more than ever need to get my head around the new smart tech that is appearing in angling, in particular carp and specimen fishing. So what are these great features? First of all good strong case and bank stick fitting, it is sad to say over the years i have accidentally trod on alarms, over tighten alarms on buzzer bars cracking the cases and snapped parts off alarms. Never on purpose but it has happened, I know should be more careful. Then their ability to function underwater, before i go any further this is not something I do on a regular basis, but knowing they are that water resistant means in even the worst conditions these alarms will not let me down. The rod holding top groove is a great design lads as I have had some ripping takes and always have my clutches set tight. Not once has the rod leapt from the alarm. Where with some other expensive alarms you have to buy extras like carp ears or bars to stop this from happening. At this point I have to say they look really good, now some of my friends have other ideas on this but, I really like the way they look. I know this will alway be a personal thing, but I also like the way they function, I feel they way they look comes from the way it functions and the features it has built into them. Now we move onto the clever stuff, touch screen front, easy to use, just a few touch buttons setting volume, sensitivity, tone and yes light colours. The amount of anglers I have spoken to who have sold alarms just because they want a new or brighter colour. No need to worry about that with the Vimarco FNX you can change the colour lights any time you want to without running out and buying a new alarm. Also you can control the brightness of the LEDS lights, I do like the purple and the blue. The volume has 8 levels plus silent important if you want to keep your catching to your self, 8 tones and a great feature where the four run lights go up for a run and back for a drop back so at all times you know what sort of indication you are getting. Also there are two sets of these lights so the rod never blocks you view. The sensitivity settings are spot on giving the smallest movement bleeps to dear god howling gale setting why am I out fishing in it low setting. Now talking screaming at you these alarms do that very well, but if you do struggle to hear them there is a very nice sounder box with all the same features, which also shows the run or drop back using the same four lights system. It also has a nightlight feature using the latest in very bright LEDs when you do get a run it lights up everything around it another nice feature. The other feature that was rather good was if someone does try to turn your alarms off with the intention to steal, the sound box just screams at you no soon as a head is switched off, when it first happens it does startle you, but a nice function to have. the alarm heads use a PP3 battery which do seem to have a very long life, but the sounder box is charged up via a USB cable supplied and also comes with a lanyard so you can hang it up. The last feature and one I really do like is the roller wheel on the alarm head. I have experimented with this a lot since getting them, every time I put the rod on the head the line sits perfect on the roller every time. Many alarms I have had in the past, allow the line down the side of the roller even with thicker lines. As much of my fishing is done with 12, 10 & 8 pound lines and plenty of fishing after dark, having an alarm that always locates the line onto the roller seems to me a very important feature. If the line does not move the roller your next take could be your last one on that rod as a fish strips the line off your spool and then runs off with your rod. In a deep sleep the spool going around may not be enough to wake you. So with all new products it is still early days, but for me so far very happy. Happy angling.


As a user of delkims for many years it was tough to try something new! But i did and I can't fault these alarms at the minute! they do everything as advertised! Great alarms! Watch out fox and delkim!


Best alarms I have used , love the fact you have some many tones and colours to choose from.


Very pleased with these alarms the build quality looks and feels good, would recommend.


After trying the FNX, I think I can say I've never used better detection systems.
Just without equal, the set and one of the most complete I tried.
Night Eve
Hangers Rbg automatic
Lamp Lamp
And I'm going through...
It is the kind of products (and tariffs) that we need in France.
In addition to the greatest brands....


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